When I was 5, I got my first computer: an Amstrad CPC 6128. It was glorious: 128kb of RAM, a 3" disk drive and a colour monitor. Nominally it was a present to both me and my brother, but in reality it was MINE.

We spent hours guiding red warriors and green elves around a dungeon in Gauntlet; ages bouncing a ball around a screen to destroy bricks to aid the escape of Vaus in Arkanoid; and far too long playing a myriad poor quality games from the Cascade 50 collection.

When I was about 10, I used to attend the local youth club. The youth club had plenty to keep its young charges happy: a tuck shop, a skittle alley, table tennis, basketball...
...but what kept me amused for the two hours until I was picked up again were the arcade machines: Gauntlet II, Time Soldiers, Toki and a game that would be forever my favourite:

Bubble Bobble

Quite simply the best game ever.

This blog is about those games: some the result of saving up pocket money to buy on cassette tape, some I pumped 10p after 10p into until Mum came to pick me up. Some are as much fun today as they were a quarter of a century ago, while some require the purchase of some spectacles with rose tinted lenses.